Infographics on Bali and Gili Trawangan

Java's Beauty album "Infographics" about Indonesia - Java's Beauty

5 Mountains You Need To Climb In Indonesia

A sulfur miner stands inside the crater of the Kawah Ijen volcano at night, holding a torch, looking towards a flow of liquid sulfur which has caught fire and burns with an eerie blue flame (by Olivier Grunewald)

Top Destinations in Java, Indonesia |Java's Beauty Travel

Vacations in Java, Indonesia. Java Island has an extraordinary diverse landscape, from towering volcanoes to dense forest and manicured rice paddies.

7 Bizarre Indonesian Traditions You Didn’t Know About | Java's Beauty - Specialist In Indonesia Travel

7 Bizarre Indonesian Traditions You Didn’t Know About

Thing to do In Bali

Travel to Bali - discover the new, unexpected and amazing in Indonesia

Hiking at Mount Bromo @ Java's Beauty Travel

Guide to Hiking Mount Bromo, East Java

Wild Wakatobi: Indonesia’s spectacular and little-known dive destination. @

One of the only luxury resorts in the area, offering plush eco villas, spa services and personalized dive cruises.

Indonesia’s ‘tree of life’ @

Indonesia's 'tree of life' - Java's Beauty

Bali’s 15Most Irresistible Swimming Pools

Viceroy Bali: Built into a steep hillside, the Viceroy overlooks a river gorge at the east end of Ubud.

Summer destination in Indonesia

Krakal Island at Kura Kura Resort in Indonesia.