<3 country boys

Send in your own photo of you in a cowboy hat and be one of Billy's daily Hot Cowboys. Thanks to the guys who sent in their photos.

Josh Kloss

Y'all loved and in Monday's 'Eye Candy: Random Hotties' post. Here's more Josh Kloss to brighten your afternoon:

Muscle Men Shirtless

Hot Wrestler Muscle Jock With Singlet Straps Down & Nice Bulge!

Beto Malfacini.

Beto Malfacini Dream Of Man Glad Magazine Burbujas De Deseo 03 Beto Malfacini: El Hombre. Dream Of Man.

Zac Smith

Zac Smith - Waking up in the morning and rolling over to find this waiting for me.I would know then, absolutely without a doubt, that I had died and gone to heaven.

Men's Hardcore Biker Fashion Shirtless and Tattoos Muscle style for summer and the ladies

hoscos: “Seth Fornea photographed by Isauro Cairo ” mmm, nice ab work.

Valentin Néraudeau

Valentin Néraudeau hot dog sexy male man muscle abs on the water in swimwear by