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At Renopedia, we featured many beautiful home designs and interior designer projects. Let us take a look at the 120 most well-liked home interior designs.

NewYork Apartments Discover Perfect Deals ✨ by

NewYork Apartments Discover Perfect Deals ✨ by

Beautiful floating wooden kitchen counter/island has multi-purpose use (dining table + computer station) in this 430 sq ft apartment

kitchen island / Contemporary 40 square meter 430 square feet Apartment 17 - love that chunk of island, contrasts well with black flooring and all the lighting up top really throws shadows on the brick wall - TV

Make It Work: Smart Design Solutions for Narrow Galley Kitchens open cubbies above the cabinets for stashing cookbooks and infrequently used appliances.

If you live in a little apartment or a small home, chances are high that you have that dreaded real estate term: the "galley kitchen." Named after the narrow kitchens on ships, these rooms may be tigh

Small light bedroom

For today, I have 10 ultra small bedrooms with king size beds that will leave you speechless. Light colors can improve the feeling of your space, while


“Beautifully design house in Jagakarsa, limited units