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Feeding Chickens Food Scraps | Spaghetti Squash
They don’t eat the skins but enjoy pecking off the little pieces of cooked squash! Remember to always research if foods are safe before giving them to your chickens!
How to Build Chicken Coop With Run, Build Your Own Custom Coop
Searching for a chicken coop with sturdy framing to last much more years? These chicken coop plans would be the perfect answer. We like to keep things simple! This chicken coop is designed for the family with limited time. Easy-to-follow plans with step-by-step instructions on how to build the chicken coop pictured. If you want to start build this weekend, visit my profile for building plans and more...
Winter Treat for Your Chickens!
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Natural Fly Repellents in the Coop
How to Make your Chickens a Dust Bath