Jeanette Junia-Runi

Jeanette Junia-Runi

Jeanette Junia-Runi
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BIGBANG  ♡  G-Dragon ,Daesung ,TOP ,Seungri , and Taeyang

Of course Top is on the ground, I can just imagine him watching the other boys climb that thing and him being like "haha, no, my ass is staying down here"

BIGBANG ♡ G-Dragon ,Daesung ,TOP ,Seungri , and Taeyang

How he helps when you had a huge fight with your best friend - bigbang daesung gdragon seungri taeyang top you

Bigbang♥ hahaha love these dorks so cute!!!

Big Bang (YG Family Concert ~ lol that one was too funny haha poor seungri after xd look at TOP's dead fish face and baby daesung sleeping in his arm

G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong ) ♡ #BIGBANG

G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong ) ♡ I just noticed something though. GD's jacket says "comme des garçons" which means "like boys" in French. But the term "garçon" usually means young boys, like kids.