Roland Antonius

Roland Antonius

Roland Antonius
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Brasse 31BLK Kawasaki Ninja Mod Kit

The Kawasaki is a fine bike all on its own, but if you yearn for something a bit more unique, this Brasse Kawasaki Ninja Mod Kit should do just fine. The first production mod kit for the

oh no!

Pac-man Ghosts: It's Simple. We Kill the Pacman.: In the Dark Knight, the villain known as the “Joker” (played by Heath Ledger) appears at a gathering of Gotham

Kawasaki KZ650 cafe racer

Like most Fridays, we try to showcase a stunning motorbike find, this Friday is no exception. Today we feature a new discovery, custom motorcycle workshop Twinline Motorcycles of Seattle. We picked this awesome 1975 Kawasaki conversion from thei

Condom Level: Gandalf

Okay, so I debated on whether or not to pin this, but it's such a perfect laugh-out-loud thing that I couldn't pass it up. Applause please, for the Gandalf Condom!


I cried I laughed so hard reading these. Evidence that iPhone's autocorrect was created absolutely intentionally to make life hilarious & interesting.