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a black and gold marble clock sitting on top of a wooden table
a red and gold glass candle holder
Antique FRENCH PORCELAIN INKWELL Samson Sevres Mark Encrier OLD PARIS Gold
Antique French Porcelain Inkwell Samson Sevres Mark Encrier Old Paris Gold | eBay
a bronze figurine with a hat on it
Ventes passées Plaisance Expertise
French Art Nouveau bronze inkwell with the figure of a woman, 14.5 cm.
a green and brown jar sitting on top of a table
Tiffany - Inkwell - Bronze and glass - 1900
a bronze sculpture with a woman's head wearing a hat
Christie's Large Image
ART NOUVEAU COLD-PAINTED INKWELL modeled as the head of a maiden with flowers in her hair, with hinged lid and glass reservoir 5 5/8in. (14.3cm.) high
a bronze vase with a woman's head and an empty cup in the middle
Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau Inkwell of Woman. Copyright © 2002–2013 LiveAuctioneers.
a metal triangle shaped object with writing on it's side and two stars above the top
Collectible Inkwells | eBay
an antique brass figurine sitting on top of a black table
Collectible Inkwells for sale | eBay
Art Nouveau Ink Well Solid Brass 4 Pcs Risque Nude Lady Incense Burner Vintage
an old brass medal with a roll of toilet paper in the center and a red pom - pom on top
Collectible Inkwells for sale | eBay
rare pocket inkwell
an ornate glass vase is sitting on a white surface and it looks like something from the past
Inkwell sold by Bonhams, New York, on Wednesday, December 17, 2008
GLASFABRIK JOHANN LOETZ-WITWE(Austria) Inkwell, ca. 1900
an ornate glass jar with pink flowers and green leaves on the lid, sitting on a white surface
Tiffany Studios Inkstand
Tiffany Studios Inkwell
a silver plate with a lid on it
Sterling Silver Ink Well, William Champion, 1907: SL-004291: Removed
Antique Sterling Silver Ink Well, William Champion, 1907
an ornate glass bottle with a metal stopper on it's side, sitting against a blue background
Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay
Beautiful antique perfume bottle..Love the silver overlay.. Could be French from the Art Nouveau Period
a silver plate with a ring on it
French Inkwell Reverse Painted Glass and Silver
a green and gold box with a pine cone on top
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Russian gold mounted amazonite small box by the firm of Bolin, jeweler of the Imperial Court, made in Moscow between 1899 and 1908, workmaster Ivan Antonovich Flink. The body is carved from a single piece of amazonite and applied with stylized finely chased gold trees in the Art Nouveau style. The gold trees are set with tiny rubies and rose-cut diamonds. #antique #vintage #box