I love the look of batik work. It's illustration on fabric.

How to make Batik Fabric with Crayons

Dishfunctional Designs: Beautiful Batik: What It Is & How It's Made. Moonlight Over Spring batik painting by amityfarmbatik via Etsy

Batik fusion..chic!

I was featured at the ELLE Indonesia magazine April 2010 edition for their WORKBOOK article, where I had to wear different outfit from Monday till weekend.

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Javanese batik in the parang style. Parang was once used exclusively by the royal courts of Central Java. It has several translations such as 'knife pattern' or 'broken blade'. The Parang design consists of slanting rows of thick knife-like segments running in parallel diagonal bands.

Javanese batik in the parang style. Parang was once used exclusively by the…

The Best Batik Dress Designers Indonesia

For the World Batik Summit 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesian designer Bi Batik created contemporary-style apparel using batik from Madura, Bantul, and Cirebon, combined with non-traditional fabric and Japanese influence.

Batik Amarillis

it's Freesize , super cool,comfy ,sexy and swirling outfit with criss-cross back detail for you to enjoy and wear! Available at Batik Amarillis webstore www.