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You take my mind, you take my voice, depressions reign, you leave no choice,...Your vicious stabs straight through my heart, as you rip and tear, my soul apart...I've so little left, with a will to live, but while I do, I must live to give,...For although too late for me my friend, I will share my pain, until my end,...Tho no eyes to see, you took them too, but that's okay, cause my heart will do,...And no words now can my mouth it speak, that too's alright, I'll use the ink I bleed,... For…

Images that cannot be unseen, terrifying stuff, fictional and horror, not gross out or real life gore. The good kind of nightmares.


One of the themes in the book is "scary." from the setting to the situations to the outcomes most of them have a scary vibe to them.