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Anime OC character's (ADOPTION) - OC #7 (OHSHC) ADOPTED

This book will have some made up OC's that can be adopted by author's who want to do a specific anime. I really do hope you like my OC's and that you'll consider adopting them. Also I will add the anime in which I imagined my OC's in. If you have question's please ask me.


i think i’m done with this. if tungle messes the quality and u decide u want a high-res version, feel free 2 dm me (as long as ur not gonna use it for reposts) here lies my hopes n dreams for an epic...


with gang grown up to adults and alex and yang having children the gang must face the old nemesis that there parents faced the demons. but they fear that this will be there last days together. they realize that they can't beat them by there selfs this time there gonna need help. if they can't beat them then they'll die trying. "Sometimes sacrifices have to be made"

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Queen of the world | RWBY

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Flustered Ice Cream | RWBY

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RTX London, Bach Do

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I went through with it!!!

Ruby Meets Her Future Self | RWBY

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