POLITE pinning is LOVED then put onto a Spike, very gently ( usually ).
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a glass filled with liquid and topped with lots of spikes
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the cover of la rosa tatuadaa, written in black and white
LA ROSA TATUADA en el Teatro María Guerrero
La rosa tatuada de Tennessee Williams. Del 26 de abril al 19 de junio de 2016 en el Teatro María Guerrero. Versión de Carme Portaceli y Gabriela Flores.
British Vogue : Chanel : Karl Lagerfeld : 2018 Alexander Wang, Unique Shoes, Shoe Lover, Looks Vintage, Mode Outfits, Beautiful Shoes, Gotham, Cute Shoes, Trending Shoes
British Vogue : Chanel : Karl Lagerfeld : 2018
a head with barbed wire on it surrounded by purple flowers and plants in front of a black background
Ceramic Head Flowers : made in blender cycles