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2016 Season's Greetings : Chinese Ver. - Xiumin

Xiumin - 160111 2016 Season’s Greetings official calendar, Chinese version - [SCAN][HQ] Credit: 올리브.


awww xiu just makes me so warm and fuzzy inside❤️ even tho hes like 10 years older and 100 times prettier than me ^^

How do you not fall completely in love with that dude,.. If u know. Plz tell me, cuz I'm all gone in him. #jihoon #woozi #seventeen

someone: woozie, youre not cute everyone else: *laugh* woozi: *laughs while thinking bitch fight me. jisoo where the fuck did you put my guitar*

#SEVENTEEN #Jihoon #Woozi

SUGA OPPA I LOVE YOU . Wait why are you making the Seventeen hand sign 😒 ohh oppie sorry Jihoon I mistook you for YoonGi . Woozi I love you and the rest of Seventeen