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the logo for polygonia, which is designed to look like an x symbol
Polygonia - Logo Design
Polygonia - Logo Design by Jeroen van Eerden | Dribbble | Dribbble
a blue and yellow poster with the words be on it's back side, in front of a green background
Klara Energy - Brand Design for solar energy solutions
Klara Energy - Brand Design for solar energy solutions
the logo for mobula air is shown on a black background with white letters and an image of a snowflake® Brand® Brand on Behance
a snowflake on a green background with white lines in the shape of an arrow
the logo for swrili is shown in blue and green on a dark background
Attachment_1 by Jacek Janiczak
Dribbble - Attachment_1 by Jacek Janiczak
the snowflake logo is shown on a red background with white arrows pointing in different directions
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Uncork Capital - Mast Are you looking for a modern minimalist business logo for your Brand, Blog, Website, Company, Business in a fewer time period?–Then, you are at the very right place! :).