Joshua Kevin

Joshua Kevin
ÜT: -6.1442734,106.8152618 / 19 years old thriving in Indonesia start-up ecosystem as @eastventures Associate & Writer for @PennOlson - Tokyo Seoul London New York. Joshua 1:1-9
Joshua Kevin
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Sunrise over the Szechenyi Chain Bridge and Hungarian Parliament Building beside the river Danube in Budapest, Hungary---- One of the most under-rated cities in the world. so beautiful, visiting budapest is on my bucket list!

Tunnel of Lights, Japan.

Tunnel of Lights - Nagano Hotel, Japan. The world around you illuminated, hope no longer being just a sliver of light but rather shining with all its intensity. The opportunity arises, bask in it's light, excel with your brilliance.

craving for one!

I made "Cube Steak with Garlic" by using "MagicFryPan". Garlic was very tasty! 【Ingredients】 7 to 8 oz to 250 g) beef steak 2 to.