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the shades of blue and white are shown in this image, with one color on each side
What is Your Lifestyle Palette? - Lacquered Life
Ralph Lauren Lifestyle Palettes - "Harbor Blues"
a gray color with white trim on the bottom, and blue in the upper right corner
Dreaming in Color: 5 Fab Not-Beige Bedroom Neutrals
by Jennifer Ott Interior Design - bedroom neutrals
a dining room table with chairs and a chandelier
Porter's paint silver marlin living room color # Pin++ for Pinterest #
the color gray stone is shown in this image
Get a similar look with Gray Stone from Pittsburgh Paints.
four different shades of gray paint with the same color as well as white and grey
PPG Voice of Color Paint Palette
Soft and soothing hues for bedrooms: a light sea-glass green, a warm gray & an ethereal blue. Any of these would work well as a main wall color; simply mix in one or more of the other hues for a soft and pleasing punch of color. Keep the room free of excessive clutter and you’ll have a stress-zapping bedroom sanctuary. Get this look with White Clover, Turtle Dove & Tinsel from PPG Pittsburgh Paints.