Cold War Veterans

All things to do with Veterans who served during the time we call the Cold War.
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Car, America, Danger Sign, God Bless America, Sticker, Battle
the contents of an outdoor camping kit laid out on the ground with labels and instructions
two pictures with the words immersion heater on them and an image of soldiers pouring water into buckets
Military, Graphics, Military Branches, Dale, The Image, Decal
the back of a hat with an eagle and flag patch on it's side
two people standing next to each other in front of a mickey mouse
the back of a black jacket with white lettering on it and an image of a blue shield
a man sitting on top of a sign pointing to different directions in front of him
an american flag is flying in front of a building on the side of the road
two people standing in front of a us army sign on the side of a road