Pink Bathrooms

Collection by Joan Clay


My homage to the pink bathroom.

Joan Clay

Sparkly Bathroom Shower


Gotta love the pink bathroom!

In Praise of 1950's Bathrooms

Women's Wear Austrailia 1951 In the Oakland area, we have no shortage of funky, cool mid-century bathrooms. It's a source of joy to see t...

A 1956 pink bathroom from the Better Homes & Gardens Decorating Book.  Vintage!!!

The Nifty Fifties

A celebration of fashion and popular culture of the atomic age. Long live '50's glamour!

Did your grandmother’s house have a pink bathroom?  You might be able to blame Mamie Eisenhower, who made the color extremely popular when she became First Lady in 1953. (Yes, my Grandma Naden had a pink bathroom)

Our Presidents

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Kohler advertisement for pink fixtures!

Kohler advertisement for pink fixtures!

American Standard pink fixtures.

American Standard pink fixtures.