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some type of text on a dark blue background with gold foil lettering and the words cullers
an image of different sports trophies drawn by hand in colored pencils and watercolor
two soccer players are sitting on the grass with their feet propped up in front of a soccer ball
a painting of people standing in front of a wall with the words visa borac written on it
visca barca fan art
a soccer stadium filled with lots of people watching the sun go down on an empty field
a painting of a man with long hair wearing a red and blue shirt, standing in front of a painting
FC Barcelona Fan Art: Mona Lisa is a fan of Barça!
La Mona Lisa és fan del Barça! XD
an aerial view of a soccer field at night with the sun setting over the water
several sports jerseys are lined up on a bed together, with the name alexla printed on them
a person's feet resting on a bed in front of a display case filled with soccer jerseys