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three lighted bottles with dandelions on them
Painted Wine Bottles DIY Project
two bottles with butterflies painted on them sitting on a counter top next to each other
Wine Bottle with Fairy Lights
two glass bottles with dandelions painted on them
several bottles with lights in them and some are decorated like christmas tree ornaments, one has a bow on the top
Светильник из бутылки к Новому году
Новогодний светильник из бутылки своими руками #светильник #новыйгод #декор #интерьер #избутылки #гирлянда #своимируками
a wine bottle decorated with snowflakes and a gold angel on the top is sitting on a wooden table
two wine bottles decorated with christmas trees and deers are sitting on a wooden table
100 Easy-to-Make Christmas Decorations for Your Home
a blue glass bottle with lights in the shape of dragonflies on it, sitting on a table
Wedding Decoration