baked mashed potatoes

It’s all about the side dishes

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Apple Cinnamon Fritters

Apple Cinnamon Fritters

Apple Cinnamon Fritters Looking for a sweet bread made using Original Bisquick® mix? Serve these apple and cinnamon fritters - a wonderful treat to the kids.

Cendol. All time favorite!

a dessert with coconut milk, a worm-like jelly made from rice flour with green food coloring, red beans, shaved ice and palm sugar, only in Indonesia

Indian Rojak in Singapore

One of My Favorite Singapore Street Food - Indian Rojak. Mainly made up of deep fried dough fritters, bean curd, prawn fritters and hard boiled eggs paired with sweet and spicy Chilli sauce.

Ice kachang - local dessert.

Singapore’s Street Food – Pasir Panjang Food Centre

Ice kachang - local dessert.

Traditional Kuih Kosui – Original Nyonya Recipe (Vegan) | VEGANLOGY

Kuih Kosui - Original Nyonya Recipe, is a kind of Nyonya kuih that using jaggery sugar or palm sugar. Are you wonder how original it is?