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Rick Nelson "It's Up To You"

"It's Up To You" will catch you off guard as you listen to the innovative guitar and piano melodies. Ricky Nelson inspired many a guitarist.

Tom Odell - Another Love

TOM ODELL- I wanna take you somewhere so you know I care But it’s so cold and I don’t know where. I wanna sing a song, that’d be just ours But I sang ‘em all to another heart And I wanna cry, I wanna fall in love But all my tears have been used up

The Head And The Heart - Down In The Valley (Acoustic)

The Head And The Heart - Down In The Valley (Acoustic) - Check them out at Bonnaroo or at The North Charleston Performing Arts Center on June

Sheryl Crow & Stevie Nicks "Are You Strong Enough..."

Two of my all time favorite singers/musicians, singing one of my favorite songs. Sheryl Crow & Stevie Nicks performing Strong Enough.