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One direction

I should'nt have laughed that hard XDDDD lol hahahahahaha OMG me with ~some one Chawla-Smith Suansing lol xD

Repinning again

Whoops my finger slipped.Ya know with this mobile version you can pin something accidentally pretty easily lol whoops

cute and irish ~ Niall Horan  sexy and smart ~ Liam Payne  hot and dangerous ~ Harry Styles  quiet and mysterious ~ Zayne Malik  funny and adorable ~ Louis Tomlinson  this is...ONE DIRECTION! .xx

The Cute & Irish Niall Horan. The Sexy & Smart Liam Payne. The Hot & Dangerous Harry Styles. The Quiet And Mysterious Zayn Malik. The Funny & Adorable Louis Tomlinson.

haha!! this is funny cos its true!!!  BAGGAHAH I LOVE HOW OURSELVES ARE IN IT

>>hahaha a rock we really don't care becoz Liam is daddy and Niall is baby we love our daddies I love them who cares about everyone