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smartchocobear: 100+ followersss, thank you very much! o(≧∇≦o) Since I saw people like my NARUTO doujins, I decided to make one as my gratitude to you all (。・ω・。)ノ♡ Oh yeah, I love SasuSaku and ItaIzu recently, please bear with me. I might draw them more later.

Itachi & Izumi, and SasuSaku lol!

ask-irl-sakura:  Happy Birthday Kakashi-sensei :3

shesenpai: “Kakashi enjoying the Hokage’s spinning chair ”

Naruko & Kakashi

Kakashi and naruko

Image result for naruko

Image result for naruko

sasunaru comica | sasunaru crack by silentpassion

i didn't draw this comic just added the text, this drawing is copyright to who ever drew it and is not mine all i own is the text i put in it sasunaru crack

Tobirama hates Uchiha... I don't think so... I think he's just wary of them and scared of Madara.

Tobirama hates Uchiha like hell he do


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Kiss Her! naruhina

Kiss Her!

JoJo’s All Star Battle: the best of friends, the worst of friends I can’t believe old Joseph doesn’t have special dialogue for vs Caesar though :( pls patch and fix asap

god i love the daily4taro tumblr

god i love the daily4taro tumblr