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Havtza is creating illustrated art, animation and music | Patreon
a white mannequin wearing a blue and green hat with gold earrings
an illustrated set of eight heads with different shapes and sizes, all in orange and white
a cartoon character is holding onto a long rope with her hand and walking away from the camera
Ready for fishing, Alexis Rives
ArtStation - Ready for fishing, Alexis Rives
two cartoon characters are dressed in costumes and holding musical instruments while standing next to each other
HAVTZA 🌓 (@havtza) • Instagram photos and videos
#animation #2danimation
a digital painting of people sitting in the rain with umbrellas over their heads and plants growing on the ground
Procreate® Showcase
Procreate® Showcase
an animated image of water pouring out of a bottle
2D FX comp
Here is a small compilation of FX I did over the passed couple years for a show. It includes some cycles, some mud, dust, impacts, beams, screen melt,
some cartoon characters are standing together and one is holding a star in the other hand
a pencil drawing of a woman with her arm around the neck and hands on her hips
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