Panjat Pinang (Climbing nut) is one of the popular traditional race on the Indonesian Independence Daycelebration.

Indonesian Celebrationsa - A high nut tree has been smeared with lubricant. At the top of the tree, are prizes. The participants compete to get these gifts by climbing a tree trunk.

Batik maker

Information on BATIK Sarong & Clothing Collection: Batik Maker

Indonesia rice paddies.

Image Detail for - Terraced Rice Paddies Ubud Area Bali Indonesia - Asia Photography .

Saman dance (1000 hands dance), Aceh

TARI SAMAN, Hands Dance), originated from Aceh. Teamwork is essential here.

Shadow puppet show

Theatre {Performance} Display of Balinese Shadow Puppets or Wayang, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia By: Philip Kramer

Jumping stone, South Nias

Stone Jumping (Nias, Indonesia) - a ritual where local young men, in their traditional clothes, jump over a stack or rocks (more than high). This ritual signifies a young man's step toward adulthood.