Dirt is an unsplicable basic block. It is one of four basic blocks with a rarity of 1 (along.

Legendary Dragon! It come with a sword with a giant dragon the dragon is a fire dragon but colour is purple

The Legendary Dragon. A monster of pure, burning hot fire. To obtain this monster, you will have to complete The Legendary Quests. Good Luck To All Growtopians!

Legendary Robot! It have rockets inside when punch have rockets exploding out!

A gigantic robot the size of 2 Growtopians. Its firepower is massive, as it is armed with ROCKET LAUNCHERS.

World that I <3

World that I <3

Golden Heart Bow! It is over 1130 was in Growtopia! It can pull peoples

Rare Item No. A golden version of the Heart Bow. When fired, it pulls players near to the one firing. Only obtainable on Valentine's Week.