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HydroMate™ is a unique airtight storage jar that ages and cures premium smoking herb. It improves your stash and has special labels for privacy.

James Bryan had a bright idea that resulted in something brilliant...  #Tomatoes #gardening #organic

Interesting--makes me think of adapting a keyhole garden approach to my raised beds. Half bury a few 5 gal buckets down the middle of the bed, fill with compost, water.

Graviola - Grow Cancer Healing Tree In Your Backyard. Watch the video and find out how this fruit (soursop) can heal your body.

The Healing Tree That You Should Have In Your Backyard Oh…up until now I didn’t know this tree has so much healing alignments. The tree called Soursop (Graviola).

The history of herbs, their uses and methods of cultivation are fascinating and rewarding.

[VIDEO] Herb Garden Wisdom From Rosemary Gladstar’s - Gladstar, the godmother of American herbalism, knows that better than anyone. In this video, she explains healing property of Sage and Thyme.

Anggun - Echo (You and I) (Official Video - Eurovision 2012)

Anggun - Echo (You and I) (Official Video - Eurovision

Jazz Bossanova Jawa Iklas

Bossa Java by Andy Prabowo 2 on SoundCloud

Hello, Space is a big issue in small apartments or houses with big families. even larger places some times lack of space especially when...

We've used a similar corner shelving unit to create space in a small 7 by 9 ft room. It's a great, easy shelving solution for small spaces (although installing it was a bit tricky as the walls weren't plumb.