duck house

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a dog is standing in the grass next to a dug up tunnel with dirt on it
Jess Gough on Instagram: "Any name suggestions for the ducks? 😅 Here’s how we built our hobbit-inspired duck home. We cut some reclaimed plywood into a semi-circle shape and fixed to a square frame built from recycled timber. We added roof joists and a bendy piece of plywood over the top before covering it with a waterproof membrane. Then we added a chimney for ventilation. We moved it into position, which was quite a challenge, and put it on paving slabs. We then dug the duck pond and used the spoil from the pond to cover the house in soil. We’ve sown a wildflower & grass mix onto the house which should grow over the next few weeks. We clad the front with recycled wood and added a door - a human door with a smaller duck door in the middle. In the meantime we have filled the duck pond