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Creative Wooden Juice Drinker Woodworking Project
Reparaciones sencillas e inteligentes para auténticos perfeccionistas
Amazing Nail Printer
UniLid | One Lid. Fits All. Lifetime Warranty.
three paintings are hanging on the wall next to each other
Laser Cut Studies 01
Reciprocate Gear Mechanism | 3D CAD Model Library
an animation of two tables with wheels attached to them
Ceiling window 1
This device enables mingling two kinds of parts in an alternate order. The red plane surfaces on the base are slanting outward to prevent the parts from casu...
two metal clock parts with blue glass in the center on a black surface, one is made out of wood and the other has gears attached to it's sides
Mechanical engagement ring box
Custom engagement ring box with locking mechanical iris. See video and more below.
two different colored walls one with a candle and the other with a mirror on it
Object of Desire: Pivot shelf
The Pivot shelf, designed by Lex Pott for Hay.
Clem Around The Corner - Blog Déco, Design et DIY
two black and white clocks with the word close written on them next to each other
Golden Productions - Accueil - Société audiovisuelle