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an old black and white photo of a man helping a woman with her hat while sitting on the floor
新たな発見!小津安二郎監督みずから俳優に---細やかな演出技法が保管していた原節子の写真をきっかけに見つかった! - シネフィル - 映画とカルチャーWebマガジン
新たな発見!小津安二郎監督みずから俳優に---細やかな演出技法が保管していた原節子の写真をきっかけに見つかった! - シネフィル - 映画とカルチャーWebマガジン
two women standing next to each other in front of a playground
black and white photograph of people sitting at bar
an old man in a suit and hat is holding a notepad while standing next to a doorway
Classic, Normcore, Film Director, Nostalgic
a group of people holding up signs in front of them
『東京物語』 完成記念(1953年・昭和28年9月)
black and white photograph of man in hat next to film camera, looking at camera
Yasujiro Ozu in 1950s Japanese Cinema | A Film School Video Essay
two men standing next to each other with one pointing at something in his hand while the other looks on
Lecciones de cine y vida del maestro Ozu
Lecciones de cine y vida del maestro Ozu | Cultura | EL PAÍS
an old photo of two men smiling for the camera
Yasujiro Ozu and Keisuke Kinoshita.
two men sitting on the ground in front of a window with their hands clasped to each other
新たな発見!小津安二郎監督みずから俳優に---細やかな演出技法が保管していた原節子の写真をきっかけに見つかった! - シネフィル - 映画とカルチャーWebマガジン
an old photo of two people walking down the street
The Kimono Gallery
an old man sitting next to a little boy
The Cinema is 24 Sweaters Per Second: Photo
kansassire: “ Ozu on the set… ” please look at this tiny sweater
three men sitting on the edge of a pier next to each other and looking at something
The Criterion Collection
Yasujiro Ozu.