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Heart Broken  Sad breakup quotes found on Instagram

Broken heart quotes and poems for sad people who have been cheated and got their heart broken. We have best collection of heartbroken quotes and SMS Messages.

Im hurt! Dont want to feel this kind of pain again. Fuck off! I can stand by my own.

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Just fuck you.

fuck your memories, fuck your fake feelings and fuck you.I still love you n always will bt.You did us worse then his other mom.You made him want you then dipped

I know what you meant when you said submit, that is not the point of this pin, I know you meant waiting for you to make the moves, I get it. the point is that I want all of this with you love! I also wanted to say, I'm going to start deleting these regularly, I just don't want any kind of mean too much to me.S.

Along with the new wrinkle on my forehead and the increasing severity of hangovers, getting older has also brought me something a lot more welcome — it's