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Morbid Angel! \m/

Buer: demon of the second class, presiding over hell; he is formed like a star or wheel with 5 rays and moves by rolling.He teaches philosophy, logic and the virtues of medicinal herbs. (No idea why his teachings would be considered demonic?

Gideon Smith | The Temple Of Gid | FEATURED GUEST : MARK RIDDICK

The Power of the Stars, the Wisdom of the Earth, and the Eternity of the Darkness, all in one fleshy vessel.


"Christ Puppet" by Riddickart. Traditional Art / Drawings / Macabre Horror Skateboard deck for Jim Booth/SVART KULT, 2007

Skeletons – Les illustrations de Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson, a British artist based in Toronto, creates stunningly detailed and dark pen-and-pencil drawings of various animals with their skeletons and sometimes organs lifting out of their bodies.