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BIGBANG! I find it extremely adorable that Taeyang has a sun next to him seeing as how his name means "sun"

he reminds me of a little kid in this picture

T.O.P (Big Bang) - #KPop #TOP #BigBang

BigBang's G Dragon and Taeyang - one of the best bromances ever | allkpop Meme Center

Recently, a compilation of photos of Big Bang’s TOP made their way onto several online communities, humoring fans with TOP’s adorable habit when he takes photos. The photos, titled “TOP’s Habit since His Debut,” showed the singer-actor in the same pose in several different photos. In the photos, TOP lies on the floor and props his hand up, as if he’s a flower and his hands are leaves.

Not really a huge fans of korean artist. he's way too cute in this pic tho

Bigbang members when they were young and how they look now ish :)