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an image of a quote that reads, forget yourself for not following what you didn't know until you lived through it
a quote that says, your perspective will either become your prison or your passport
In a small clip of her insta story Sarah Jakes Roberts mentioned stopping the Spirit from moving in your life because of the way you think about a thing. Creating a mental prison for yourself. A small nudge of a thought entered my mind about how not everyone does dishes the same way for illustration. In the beginning of learning about the call on my life I went to God asking about every little detail. It's true I had no point of reference from previous experiences. I wanted to do it right.
the words you'll be judged, keep going in black on a light blue background
Sarah Boyer (sarahmboyer) - Profile | Pinterest
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Let It Hurt, Let It Heal, Let It Go - Tiny Buddha
a woman floating in the water with a quote above her that says, when you are falling to feel it, you can heal it
And so we continue on the healing journey… a letter to my client —
a quote that reads, perfectionism is the response of anyone who's had to work to be loved
a quote that reads, i had to forget a person who was even sorry - that's strength
a black and white photo with the words you are the greatest project you'll ever work on
Quote self love
Self love
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Lost Soulmate
Life Path
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a green background with the words don't let your empty imppede on your self - respect or rob people of experiencing the consequents of their actions