Lupis - Indonesian dessert

When I was a kid, there was an auntie in our neighborhood who sold kue lupis. Hers was so good, the lupis was so soft and I never found th.

Nasi Lemak Lover: Kuih Talam Ubi (Tri-colours tapioca steamed cake) 三色木薯糕

Today also about tri-colours, but this time is kuih-muih (local cakes). We like this very pure Kuih Talam Ubi, all using natural ingredien.

Serabi (Indonesian Food from West Java), indonesian pancake

Serabi (Indonesian Food from West Java)

Serabi or “Pancake” is a light meal or snack market native to Indonesia. Made from rice flour, wheat flour, or a mixture of both, and coconut milk. Food is served with syrup of palm sug…

Baking's Corner: Lapis Surabaya - by Hycinth Lim

Ingredients: Yellow Layers (make 2 layers of yellow layers) : 20 egg yolks 200 g fine granulated sugar 1 tsp ovalette 100 g all-pu.

Cooking Chapter: Martabak Brownies

Martabak Manis is an Indonesian pastry usually filled with sweet condensed milk, chocolate, chopped nuts or cheese. It's puffy yet dense and very filling. I'm excited to try this recipe, a brownie interpretation of it.


Healthier And Cheaper Version of Lapis Surabaya

A healthier version of Indonesia Famous Layers cake or Victoria Sponge Cake Equivalent - Lapis Surabaya