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Snapchat: The app that allows moments to be captured, commented upon, and then deleted 24 hours later... Except when someone takes a screenshot and shares those moments with the world. This bored contains those moments.

JuleeAnn Dare
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Med Student Got Stuck In The Elevator On His First Day Of Surgery

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This picture has a sort of duality to it. On the one hand, the user was able to capture this fleeting moment where a rather determined squirrel got its prize. On the other hand, if the user had been, say, looking at Snapchat, they may have missed the moment entirely.

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30 Of The Funniest Dog Snapchats The Internet Has Ever Given Us

You can look elsewhere, but I can pretty much guarantee that this collections contains the funniest dog snapchats you ever see.

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This is just a string of funny moments that brightened my day a little bit. These poor, poor parents.

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If you think you're having a bad day, be glad you're not one of these guys.

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That moment when the teachers are just as tired as the students. I love the that not only did this kid manage to trick the teacher, but also had time to take snaps of the incident, further proving that this school really just does not care.

I feel like we can all connect with this hamster at different points in our lives. Funny Snapchat Stories, Snapchat Quotes, Funny Tumblr Posts, My Tumblr, Funny Babies, Funny Kids, Funniest Snapchats, Funny Love, Work Humor

I feel like we can all connect with this hamster at different points in our lives...

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40 Hilarious Snapchat Stories That Actually Will Make You Say 'Same'

We'll get you laughing in a snap

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Yikes! Be careful out there! Even on Snapchat, people are crafty! It's still funny, but err on the side of caution regardless.

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Sometimes we just need to have dinner with someone who won't judge us for eating too much.

Heartbreak can make us all see the sadness in everyday items. At least this kid makes breakups funny. Funny Snapchat Stories, Snapchat Captions, Snapchat Posts, Snapchat Picture, Snapchat Humor, Snapchat Ideas, Snapchat Quotes, Desi, Funny Relatable Memes

These hilarious Snapchat stories of a heartbroken guy will make your day

"All these wires yet you couldn't connect with me," reads one of his now popular Snapchat images, "All these lights, but you couldn't brighten up my life," reads another, while he makes a straight and sometimes, morose-seeming face. Click through to see more of the heartbroken guy's hilarious Snapchat stories.

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100 Hilarious Snapchats That Are Too Good To Disappear Forever

Snapchat. There's a right way to use it, and there's a wrong way to use it, and as you can see from these brilliant examples, these people have totally nailed it.