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a paper model of a pirate ship
One Piece: Thousand Sunny Papercraft
a wooden toy mailbox with decorations on it
Diorama Siri Cascudo - Bob Esponja DIY.
Diorama Siri Cascudo - Bob Esponja DIY.
a paper cut out of a tree house
Finn & Jake Treehouse Diorama
Holy crap, it's a 3 foot tall paper model of Finn and Jake's tree house. I think I need this.
a paper model of a coffee shop with tables and stools in front of it
Miniature World Collection - Crepe & Coffee Diorama Papercraft by Issiki Toaki
starry night van gogh papercraft - by hollandshop
180 Stays Craft… 2 of 5 posts (50 activities per post)
an orange cat sitting inside of a paper box with cut outs on the front and side
Munchkin Kitty (El Gato) Paperized
an origami bird is sitting in the grass
Perry the Platypus 3D Papercraft
paper kitty
munchkin cat 
бумажная фигурка
paper kitty
an advertisement for arcade machine with various items and instructions to make it look like they are from the 80s's
Arcade Machine Papercraft
an old paper model of a farm house
Architecture model