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Former Indonesian President Sukarno is shown chatting with actress Marilyn…

Indonesian first President Soekarno in the Philippines stamp

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Philippines Stamp - President of the Philippines Pres Quirino & Indonesian first President Sukarno

Sukarno was the 1st president of Indonesia. He was leader of the Indonesia during the colonialism. He spend a lot of times in jails try to free his countries from colonialism. Even in Jails, he never gave up. His charisma, spirit, never say die attitude guide Indonesia to become Independence.

When the KGB tried to blackmail Indonesian President Achmed Sukarno with found sex tapes, Sukarno didn’t fall for it. Instead, he asked for more copies of the video so he could show people back in his country.

Soekarno 1901 - 1970 ©2012 FrankGo The Proclaimer, The Founding Father and The 1st President Of Our Beloved Country, INDONESIA. Pencil 4B, HB & Mech.Pencil 2B on Paper

Soekarno 1901 - 1970 FrankGo The Proclaimer, The Founding Father and…

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akinini-dotcom-kutipan-soekarno-perjuanganku-mengusir-penjajah-lebih-mudah_03.jpg (595×2320)

Karina Soekarno anak dewi

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