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Juliawati Wowor

Juliawati Wowor
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MIX & MATCH: Travel

3 Weeks 1 Carry-On Suitcase (Warm Weather Edition) The best packing guide for travel with lots of images and a well written description of how to put together a 'collection' for travel. Lots of beauty & fashion tips for travel

Ice vs. Heat: What's Best for Your Pain?

Heat: What's Best for Your Pain? Coping with headache, arthritis, gout flares, or sprains? Cleveland Clinic experts discuss what will help your pain the most -- ice or heat.

9 Herbs That Naturally Kill Parasites

Psoriasis Free - There are many powerful herbs that are used to treat parasite infections. If you suspect you have an infection or are running a routine yearly cleanse, here are some of the best natural food and herbal remedies for parasites.