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Crepe myrtle

Step-By-Step Instructions On Pruning Crape Myrtle

Caring and growing tips for crepe myrtle. How to transplant, propage, and prune crape myrtle?

Catawba Crape Myrtle gives 3 seasons of color. Deep green leaves in spring. Mid…

Catawba Crape Myrtle Tree

Vibrant Purple Blooms for Months! The Catawba Crape Myrtle is a timeless tree that's well-loved. Why? For starters, this prime pick has: • The most vibrant purple hue. • Healthful growth and manageable height. • Vibrant blooms that last all summer. In other words, the fresh florals of the Catawba Crape Myrtle attract attention. You'll get bright, deep color from its perfectly-formed petals. Dark purple blooms take hold from late spring through fall, meaning you'll get more than 120 days of…

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20 Secrets to Landscape Success

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Crepe myrtle varieties , great information to determine the right one for you!

Plant A Smaller Crepe Myrtle This Year

Why do people murder crepe myrtles? No, it's not too much Neanderthal DNA. It's that the variety of crepe myrtle they planted got way too ...


Sonic Bloom® Pink - Reblooming Weigela - Weigela florida

This is a humdinger of a weigela! Sonic Bloom® weigela are the strongest rebloomers ever seen in weigela. Loads of hot pink flowers in May are followed by waves of blooms until frost. No deadheading is needed to see strong reblooming through summer and fall.Sonic Bloom® is a registered trademark of the Syngenta Company.

Crepe Myrtle Tree.....I want to get a purple one


Crepe Myrtles have begun their brilliant show of color across Texas, and the trees in our gardens are looking gorgeous! Crepe Myrtle by Alamodeus. I wanted you to first see our 'volunteer' Crepe Myrtle. When we built an addition to our home 12 years ago, we had to cut down a beautiful tree. A couple of years later, this little sweetie popped up from the old tree's roots. Crepe Myrtle by Alamodeus. I've never pruned it in any way so it can grow as it pleases. It's something between shrub and…


Azurri Blue Satin® - Rose of Sharon - Hibiscus syriacus

Finally - a blue rose of Sharon with no seeds! It's the rose of Sharon you've been looking for - striking blue flowers that don't form a bunch of seeds and spread themselves all over your garden. The deep blue color is especially prominent when the plant is in bud. This long-blooming, reliable, easy care plant will bloom all summer long. It replaces Blue Satin® hibiscus, because Azurri Blue Satin® offers a true blue flower and produces few to no seeds. Top reasons to grow Azurri Blue Satin…

Fine Gardening Plant Guide~Hydrangea paniculata 'Pinky Winky' Hardiness Zones…

Panicle hydrangea - FineGardening

This plant produces gracefully arching branches and pyramidal clusters of white, then pink-tinged to dusky purple blossoms.

Pink paintbrush grass Melinis nerviglumis 'Savannah'

Best Hardy Perennial Ornamental Grasses for North and Midwest Gardens

Descriptions and care of some of the best perennial ornamental grasses.

Zephirine Drouhin, climber, This nearly thornless rose produces an abudance of…


Lavender Chiffon® - Hibiscus syriacus

Easy-to-grow summer color! Large, single lavender flowers are adorned with a lacy center to create an anemone-like bloom. Beautiful for use in a mixed container, or incorporated into a mixed border. A mass planting will create an easy-to-grow privacy screen with lots of summer color. Like all of the Chiffon® series, it has soft, graceful stems and a useful rounded habit. Top reasons to grow Lavender Chiffon rose of Sharon: - Purple blooms have a fluffy center that makes them extra showy…

Catawba is one of the most noticeable medium sized but not too big trees in the…

CATAWBA (18ft Darkest Violet-Purple)

Ah yes, Catawba! Catawba is one of the most noticeable medium sized, but not too big trees in the landscape. It is a striking Deep Violet color that stands out in any landscape. Catawba can be grown as a single trunk tree or multi-trunk large shrub. It matures 18ft tall and about 16ft wide. Always extremely popular! See our Shipping Page to learn what to expect upon arrival and Plant Size When Shipped. *CATAWBA'S HAVE BEEN ONE OF OUR MOST POPULAR VARIETIES IN 2020. AS A RESULT, AVAILABLE…

Adagio Dwarf Maiden Grass - Miscanthus sinensis 'Adagio'

Adagio Dwarf Maiden Grass - Miscanthus sinensis 'Adagio' - 2.5 Quart - Ornamental Grass - Ornamental Grasses | Gardener Direct

Adagio is a dwarf Miscanthus cultivar which is one of the shortest available on the market today growing to only 3 to 4 feet tall with an equal width



Proven Winners - Violet Satin® - Rose of Sharon - Hibiscus syriacus purple red violet with a red eye plant details, information and resources.