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two pictures with the words say and spray on it, and an image of a child playing
Say and Spray
Any activity that allows someone to use spray bottle is a great activity according to my daughter. So, obviously, Say and Spray was a HUGE hit at our house and I have no doubt it would be a huge hit at your home or in your classroom.
a poster with instructions on how to stay fit for the gym and other activities that are needed
We Are Teachers - Ideas and inspiration for reaching the next generation
Strawberry Oat Bars | Toddler Snack
These strawberry oat bars have NO added sugar and are perfect for babies and toddlers! With only a handful of simple and whole ingredients like bananas, oats, nut butter, and strawberries, these bars are a prime example of a great toddler snack. Click here to get this recipe.
an easy way to get kids moving with the alphabet finder
Alphabet Find Learning Activity - Busy Toddler
Alphabet Find Learning Activity: What a fun and easy way to get kids active and moving! A perfect learning activity for toddlers and preschoolers working on their alphabet.
an easy pom pom kitchen activity for toddlers
Pom Pom Kitchen - Happy Toddler Playtime
fun kitchen themed pom pom sensory bin! An easy sensory play activity for preschoolers and toddlers!
the shape mats for playdough shape mats are shown with green and blue shapes
Learn shapes and fine motor skills with playdough → Royal Baloo
Free Printable Shapes Mats for playing with playdough