Kamar fun dengan saudara kandung.

From Baby on up, these kids can grow wild with this room AND into this room. I love the Jungle Loft beds! Kid Spaces Design Connection, Inc.

Warna-warni di atap ruangan.

Love this colorful abode! The ceiling is foam boards covered in fun fabrics! Had an idea for basement drop ceiling. Wrap the ceiling tiles in fun fabric.

Tempat tidur bayi bertema kereta kencana.

Made of solid cedar, it features a faux leather seat, decorative wheels and a rear changing table/storage bench.

Origami seperti pada foto ini juga dapat menjadi pilihan mudah, murah, dan cantik.

In Japanese legend, origami cranes equals eternal good luck. We decided to incorporate the magic and good fortune of these pretty hand-crafted creations in our Young America Showroom at the

Bayi akan senang melihat hiasan aneka warna di atas tempat tidurnya.

Check out the bouquet of pompoms on the ceiling! Project Nursery - colorful aqua girl's nursery with tissue poms

Kamar bertema sirkus.

Here's another magical circus themed nursery that uses brown, tan and red to keep in fun, but not overwhelming. The painted ceiling is AMAZING!//NO to the circus theme, but love love love the ceiling