Al-Akhir,The Last,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Akhir The Last, The One Who Exists After Everything Perishes 99 Names of Allah (swt)

Al-Qadir,The All Powerful,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Qadir,The All Powerful,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Muntaqim,The Avenger,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Muntaqim ~ The Avenger

Dhu-al-Jalal wa-al-Ikram,The Lord of Majesty and Bounty,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Dhu-al-Jalal wa-al-Ikram,The Lord of Majesty and Bounty

Al-Batin,The Hidden One,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Batin,The Hidden One, 99 Beautiful Names of Allah."Did a heart meditation…

At-Tawwab,The Guide to Repentance,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

At-Tawwab,The Guide to Repentance,Islam,Muslim

Ar-Raqib,The Watchful One,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Ar-Raqib,The Watchful One >> Names of Allah

Al-Hayy,The Ever Living One,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Hayyu ~ The Ever Living (beautiful attributes of Allah - The Ever Living One)

Al-Hakam,The Judge-Islam,Muslim,99 Names

The 99 Names/Attributes of Allah

Al-Kabir,The Greatest,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

The Beautiful Names of God ; Al Ghafir ; The Forgiver

Al-Azim,The Magnificent,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Azim,The Magnificent, 99 Names

Al-Halim,The Forbearing,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

The 99 Names/Attributes of Allah

Al-Muhsi,The Appraiser,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Muhsi,The Appraiser, 99 Names

Al-Mubdi',The Originator,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Mubdi',The Originator, 99 Names

Al-Badi,The Originator,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Badi,The Originator,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Matin,The Forceful One,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Our first born is name Abdul Matin Firdaus. As the meaning itself we want him to be someone who is firm and someone who could lead by example.