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a wooden table with plates and bowls on top of it next to a wicker bed
Set up your cosy outdoor area✨
Spring is coming! So why not start to think of ways to spice up your outdoor area? Here are some ideas for you: - day beds (we need a place to tan, right?) - hyacinth carpets to set the mood - terracota tableware for the win - resin outdoor coffee table - outdoor wooden furniture Now, you're all set to welcome warmer days🌞
a living room filled with lots of white furniture
High gloss table
The ultimate touch of sophistication, that is what this glossy table will bring to your interiors! Use if indoors or outdoors, wherever you feel it fits best. Shop yours by clicking on the image
an outdoor seating area with chairs and rugs on the floor, surrounded by trees
A boho garden
Nothing better than a well styled home, but hey, don't forget your garden! Rattan lamps, raffia cushions and wooden furniture are just the start of an outdoor space to die for! Check out our collection of rattan lamps, with them you'll never have a dull space.
an outdoor area with wicker furniture and baskets
Seagrass Cushions for the win!
Looking into bringing coziness to your outdoor areas? Well say no more! Seagrass cushions are not only stylish but also give a touch of comfort and decor to any seating area. It's all about the details and textures, remember that ;)
a white couch sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a lush green field
Dreamy Day Bed
How easy it is to dream of sunny skies and blue waters. Our Tulum Day Bed was exactly made for that, but all from the comfort of your own garden.