New York, 1905

Broad Street looking north to the intersection with Wall Street New York City. At mid-distant left is the classical fa ade of the New York Stock Exchange and further north is the new skyscraper and Federal Hall is in center right. The curb market trader

The Kennedys

Ethel Kennedy, the president's sister in law (wife of Bobby Kennedy), Jackie Kennedy and John F. Kennedy, this picture is one of the rare photos on sale. It was shot in 1954 by Jackie as the three posed in the mirror.

Easter eggs for Hitler

Two American Soldiers proudly show off their personalized "Easter eggs" artillery shells) before firing them. - Easter Eggs for Hitler Photo by National Archives WWII

Ice cold whisky dispenser, 1950s

An ice-cold whisky dispenser, sometimes found in offices. bring back the office whiskey dispenser!

Adams Family, 1964-1966

Child actor Ken Weatherwax who played Pugsley Addams on TV in the passed away from a heart attack it was announced. John Astin (Gomez) and Lisa Loring (Wednesday Addams) are the last 2 living cast members left today.

The first colour photograph of America

Mulberry Street NYC - New York state, USA Manhattan's Little Italy, Lower East Side, circa 1900

A delivery boy for a Japanese restaurant carrying soba

luzfosca: “Amazing service… A delivery boy for a Tokyo Restaurant carries a tray of Soba Bowls.

Elvis Presley

In Elvis Presley visited the White House after requesting a visit in a six-page letter to President Richard Nixon.

William Harley and Arthur Davidson, 1914

William Harley and Arthur Davidson, 1914 -- The Founders of Harley Davidson Motorcycles 60 Rare Photos That Will Destroy Everything You Knew about The Past

Giant Grashopper

Grasshopper shot near miles city montana. Picture taken before photoshop said to be real 1937 glimpse into our amazing past with historic photos.