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Funny vintage quotes and sayings
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Volkswagen vintage ad

Always a fan of VW’s Advertising. Absolutely adore the VW Bus and every bit of vintage brand roots this ad conveys jaymug: “ Vintage Volkswagen Advertising ”


TGIF: thank god I'm fabulous! Not at all perfect, but I am fabulous in my own quirky, unique way.

Stressed vs Desserts

whipped mascarpone can be used to frost and fill cakes/cupcakes. Great for fruit cakes,.

Helloween vintage

if i'm going to be a boring witch for halloween, i'm going to at least be a vintage, pin up style witch.

Vintage beauty

A vintage Valentine's Day:: Valentine's Day Pin up:: Retro Valentine's Day:: PIn Up Girl

Join me?

Join me?

Bath and bubble

Peter Stackpole—Time & Life Pictures/Getty ImagesActress Jeanne Crain balances a soap bubble on her index finger as she luxuriates in a bath in a scene from the 1946 movie, Margie. What do they use in movies to make all those long-lasting bubbles?