Dressed Mistakes That Make You Look Fat, Every woman would want to always look attractive and perfect through the clothing she was wearing. But not infrequently, the selection of clothing and accessories that one actually makes you look fatter than actual size. Instead of struggling to go on a diet, you should avoid some common mistakes in the following dress.

13 Style mistakes that make you look heavier -- know how to dress for your body. While women have many different bodies, these clothing choices should always be avoided if you want to appear slender.

Reasons Women Love to Keep Clothes Do not Need, How to save a woman's clothes? As many as 85 percent of women have and continue to keep the actual clothes did not fit and did not want them to wear. The study, published in the journal Fashion Theory Volume 11 is suggested, women just in case, if one is needed, the clothes can be used.

In our mothers’ generation, dedicated maternity wear stores were unheard of, and maternity style was limited to “tent dresses”, unless you were able to sew

Wear flip-flops are more dangerous than high heels?, During this time, high heels are often referred to be the cause of pain and foot problems in women. However it turns out, flip-flops also provide a hazard, according to new research.

“I did everything he did but backwards and in high heels.” —Ginger Rogers, actress and dancer, on partner Fred Astaire

Hoby shopping makes people feel lonely, Shopping can be fun, it can even Become a hobby for some people, especially women. However, in addition to spending money, likes shopping it also can Affect a person psychologically.

The Best Singapore Shopping Centres can be found in the Singapore Shopping Guide or Singapore Shopping Directory.

Women like to buy shoes but reluctant to wear, the latest survey revealed startling facts about women's scent. They find that women love to buy and collect shoes, but only about 25 percent wear shoe collection.

Quiz: Girls, are you a shoe addict? - The Washington Post

Guess Women Men Personality of shoes, Footwear is one of the needs of men and women when traveling. For some people, shoes are not only a necessity but the important thing to note. Turns shoe also has a special attraction.

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