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Backlighting is one of those beautiful lighting techniques that is so easy to achieve, you’ll...

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The Pretties Pops!! || summer popsicle idea | photo by Apryl Ann | 100 Layer Cake

this is almost like a painting. Observe the use of negative space. The white cream in the soup creates a nice texture/contrast. The dark background and contrasting white bowls create amazing effect. What do you think?

Plum & Summer Berry Lavender Crisp by Eva Kosmas Flores

11 Fresh Thirst-Quenching Drink and Cocktail Photos

Great background, wonderful camera angle, almost top down, but not quite. Love the angle. The napkin makes it amazing... how do you think this photo will change if there was no napkin?

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Estas son las mejores fotos de comida del año

I love this because both the popsicles and the fruits look fresh and vibrant and both make my mouth water.