play dishes

plastic canvas dishes ,etc
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the diagram shows how to make a floor plan
Playtime Food Pg. 7
an old cross stitch book with instructions on how to sew the beads and thread
Meals & Munchies - page 12
a cross stitch pattern for a playtime plate and platter, with instructions to make it
Playtime Plate & Platter pg 2
a small purse with two hearts on the front and one heart at the back, sitting on a white surface
Plastic Canvas Toaster Coasters Set Toaster Coasters Kitsch | Etsy
Vintage toaster coasters - Set of 6 coasters in a toaster, made of plastic…
cross stitch patterns and instructions for rugs, pillows or bedspreads in various colors
Cute 'N Cleaver Coaster Sets
two pages with different colored lines and numbers on them, one has a cross in the middle
PP&PA87P24 9/10
two pages with instructions on how to use knitting needles
PP&PA87P24 8/10
two blue and white papers with instructions on how to sew
PP&PA87P24 7/10
two papers with blue and red designs on them, one has an image of the same pattern
PP&PA87P24 6/10
an old book with instructions on how to make a cross and other things in it
PP&PA87P24 5/10
two pages with different patterns and numbers on them
PP&PA87P24 4/10
two cross - stitch patterns showing how to make an oval tablecloth with blue and orange squares
PP&PA87P24 3/10