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a poster with some writing on it that says how to study a difficult subject
cwote: i know im not a traditional studyblr blog, but i am in univeristy and this is such an important info graph. hope this helps at least one person out :)
two pens sitting on top of a piece of paper
Black Messy Desk
studysthetics: 26/June Writing notes for... - Black Messy Desk
a notepad with writing on it next to a pen and flowered cloths
a piece of lined paper with writing on it and some type of font in the middle
study buddies?
hi! some of you guys wanted to see how i wrote my letters, so here it is! :) hopefully this is what you meant bookwormevy
an open notebook with writing and doodles written on it, including words in different languages
no stress zone.
3.20.16+5:20pm // 20/100 days of productivity // i wanted to show how i organized my notes, so i made a little reference page on the plane ride back home. zoom in for better quality!song of the day: “young and stupid” - travis mills ft. t.i.
several different pens sitting on top of a piece of paper
Aspiring to Inspire
For whoever wanted me to make a post about my fave pens! (Sharpie, Pilot G2, PaperMate InkJoy, Uni-ball Signo 207, and Pilot B2P)
two pens are sitting on top of a piece of paper that has some writing on it
studysoulmate: “Sunday evening studies ”
three pens sitting on top of an open notebook with the word chemistry written in cursive writing
an open notebook with writing on it and some other papers in front of the pages
thanks for complimenting my handwriting!!sometimes i take nice notes (I USE MUJI PENS)
there are many different colored pens in this page, and one is pointing at them
These FriXion Light highlighters are erasable! Great for highlighting textbooks and notes.
three pens sitting on top of a piece of paper
See this Instagram photo by @studyallure • 81 likes
a piece of paper with writing on it
♛ Bullet Journals ♛
vestiblr: I always get messages of people asking for handwriting reference and advice for cute notes, so I decided to make a nice post with some tips! a post of the pens i use (here i was using the 0.1 unipin fineliner) handwriting inspo: laevateinx, studysthetics, yourstudygeek, stuhdys,aspiringstudyblr, nehrdist, intelectum better handwriting for adults pdf how to get neater handwriting ribbon banner tutorial handlettering tutorial for headers/titles
a hand drawn poster with the words planning your study time and four steps to success
The Organized Twenty-Something
Outline Your Study Time... #miricbiotech #miricbiotechltd
a bunch of pencils sitting on top of a piece of paper with writing on it
studytildawn: “I’ve been asked quite a few times about swatches I use in my notes and in my journal. As you can see my favorite is probably the grey Mildliner 😂 I use my Muji gel ink pen in 0.38 with all of these. Pictured: Zebra Mildliners. Stabilo...